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The oncology portfolio addresses major unmet needs in treatment direction and oncology therapeutics


  • Polyclonal Antibody stimulator (“PAS”) induces the immune system to neutralize Gastrin 17, a primary pathway in Pancreatic and Gastric Cancer.
  • Substantial clinical data demonstrates dramatic extension of survival time.
  • Affiliation with Cato Research – a world-class oncology CRO.
  • Funding completion of Phase 3 trials targeting drug approvals by 2020.


DiaTech ChemoIntel and ImmunoIntel

  • DiaTech ChemoIntel and ImmunoIntel assay that directly measures tumor cell apoptosis.
  • Unique platform provides oncologists the ability to “personalize” chemotherapy and immunotherapy selection across most cancer types.
  • Targeting EU and U.S. launch in Breast and Ovarian Cancer by 2020.



  • Europe-based biotech company that is developing T-cell based immunotherapies (therapeutic cancer vaccines).
  • Developing fixed combinations of immunotherapy-based cancer treatments to overcome the immuno-suppressive environment surrounding cancer cells and to target specific tumors.
  • Investment needed to fund the development program through Phase IIa, which with success is projected to represent substantial value inflection.



  • This new technology is designed to prevent cancers from metastasing by using Voltage-gated sodium channel (VGSC) inhibitors that are already approved and now have been re-purposed by Celex.
  • The core drugs for this use are known to be safe; clinical trials are required to optimise the dose and prove efficacy.
  • The market potential of such a drug is enormous and could reasonably be predicted to be one of the biggest selling drug groups of all time.