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This month the Clinical Cancer Advances 2016 report presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Chicago, has focused heavily on specific targeting of genomic/proteomic markers of cancer. This has led to much media attention on such projects with articles on the BBC and Daily Mail websites, among others. In fact, data pooled from over 13,000 patients in 346 clinical trials and presented at the conference (Dr. Maria Schwaederle and colleagues, University of California San Diego), demonstrated a significant reduction (31% vs 5%) in tumour size in those patients whose cancers were matched to treatments that target a specific genomic/proteomic weakness. Such data sets clearly illustrate the power of targeted therapies, but major concerns have arisen that many patients lack access to targeted treatments because there have not been accurate and effective means to identify those patients that will respond. DiaTech CEER and MiCK represent important and transformative technologies that will direct targeted treatment selection based on the genomic, proteomic, and functional profiles of a patient’s tumour. As part of this wave of directed cancer treatments DiaTech CEER and MiCK remain at the forefront of development. We are very proud to be funding these treatment-directing assets that stand to positively improve outcomes while significantly reducing toxicities in cancer patients.