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The need for treatment-directing diagnostics emerges as major theme at 2016 ASCO conference

Posted Jun 7, 2016

This month the Clinical Cancer Advances 2016 report presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Chicago, has focused heavily on specific targeting of genomic/proteomic markers of cancer. This has led to much media attention on such projects with articles on the BBC and Daily Mail websites, among others. In fact, data pooled from over 13,000 patients in 346 clinical trials and presented at the conference (Dr. Maria Schwaederle and colleagues, University of California […]

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Keyholder Sponsors Middle East Investment Summit

Posted Apr 14, 2016

Keyholder Funding Limited is sponsoring the 17th annual Middle East Investment Summit taking place on the 2nd and 3rd May 2016 in Dubai. The Middle East Investment Summit connects investors with financial market gurus and world class fund managers. Dr Ian Ferrier of Sibelius LLC a company engaged by Keyholder will be speaking in the Private Equity Sector Showcase in a section entitled ‘In conversation with leading healthcare investors’ at 2.30pm on day one. He will also be speaking at […]

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Dubai Investment Presentations 21-24 March 2016

Posted Mar 14, 2016

Keyholder is holding a series of presentations focused on selected investment opportunities directed at the provision of individual patient-directed treatment in oncology. These opportunities are de-risked, asset-based investments in transformative, disruptive, and high return technologies associated with the fight against cancer Key Speakers: Dr. Ian R. Ferrier: a widely recognized authority in the field of Cancer diagnosis and monitoring Prof. Graham A. Ferrier: Former professor of molecular biology and proteomics, UCLA Group Presentations starts – 10.30 – 12.00 Individual presentations […]

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UCL Discovery in Immuno-oncology

Posted Mar 14, 2016

There has been a breaking story emanating from a piece in Science Magazine. Scientists at UCL have discovered that Clonal neoantigens elicit T cell immunoreactivity and sensitivity to immune checkpoint blockade and that this may lead to personalised immunotherapy treatment possibilities available by as early as 3 years from now. The BBC has made this a major news story and it is clear this impacts with the work done by DiaTech. It confirms what many have long suspected in immuno-oncology […]

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Cancer Findings Demonstrate Importance of DiaTech System

Posted Mar 14, 2016

A pair of drugs can dramatically shrink and eliminate some breast cancers in just 11 days, UK doctors have shown. They said the “surprise” findings, reported at the European Breast Cancer Conference, could mean some women no longer need chemotherapy. The drugs, tested on 257 women, target a specific weakness found in one-in-ten breast cancers. Experts said the findings were a “stepping stone” to tailored cancer care. The doctors leading the trial had not expected or even intended to achieve […]

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Vaccicure Secures Manufacturing Dates

Posted Feb 19, 2016

We are excited to bring you the latest news regarding the progress that Vaccicure has made since the initial funding. Vaccicure has been able to secure manufacturing dates for the middle of July and early September. Manufacturing is the critical path in making forward progress and it had not been anticipated that manufacturing would be able to be scheduled until the end of the year. This means the project is ahead of schedule.

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Pfizer VC, Craig Eagle, joins DiaTech Board

Posted Feb 1, 2016

We are very excited to bring you the news that Craig Eagle, MD is now a director of DiaTech. Dr. Eagle works in the international pharmaceutical industry with senior executive experience in both large and small biotech companies. Dr. Eagle is currently a Senior Vice President at Pfizer Inc. where, over the past 10 years, he has been a member of the Oncology Leadership Team. Together with the recent appointments of Dr. David Parkinson, Dr. Ronald Krall, Daniel Tasse, and […]

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Big-Hitters David Parkinson, MD and Daniel Tasse join the DiaTech Board

Posted Jan 27, 2016

We can announce that David Parkinson, MD and Daniel Tasse have been appointed to the DiaTech board of directors. Dr. Parkinson, a Venture Partner at New Enterprise Associates (NEA), has been well versed in Oncology Research & Development throughout his extensive career. Before transitioning to NEA, Dr. Parkinson served as the President and CEO of Nodality, along with holding senior executive positions at Biogen Idec and Amgen Mr. Tasse is a highly regarded senior Bio-Pharma executive who, until recently, was […]

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Ronald Krall, MD Appointed to DiaTech Board of Directors

Posted Jan 26, 2016

Ronald Krall, MD has been appointed to DiaTech’s board of directors. Dr. Krall has extensive and varied pharmaceutical industry experience at the senior executive level. As Chief Medical Officer for GlaxoSmithKline, he had responsibility for the Company’s Worldwide Clinical Development and Research Team leaderships, with global responsibility for drug development teams. Recently, Dr. Krall has advised government and the Bio-Pharma industry at the highest level.

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DiaTech Reorganises with $75 Million Investment from Keyholder

Posted Nov 11, 2015

DiaTech, Provider of CorrectChemo®, the drug response profiling test to help oncologists provide personilised cancer treatment, has entered into a $75 Million asset-backed funding agreement with Keyholder Investments. “the skyrocketing cost of chemo drugs and move to value-based care, combined with our aging population, means we have to come up with a better strategy to make sure cancer patients are getting the right treatment at the right time,” says Robert E. Henry, president and chief executive officer. The Keyholder investment […]

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Cancer Advances Announces $48.5 Million Funding Commitment

Posted Nov 9, 2015

Cancer Advances Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cato Holding Company, has entered into an agreement with Keyholder Investments Ltd. to raise up to $48.5 million to further the development of the company’s immune-modulating Polyclonal Antibody Stimulator (“PAS”), to treat gastrin-dependent diseases. Cancer Advances, Inc. holds a broad technology and intellectual property portfolio focused on neutralizing a key signaling hormone that is responsible for proliferation and tumorigenesis in multiple cancers. Cancer Advances’ products are specifically directed at inhibiting the binding […]

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Agreement in Principal with DiaTech

Posted Aug 12, 2015

Keyholder is pleased to announce that terms have been agreed in principle between DiaTech Oncology, Capstone Life Sciences LLP and Keyholder Investments Limited for the funding of the development and roll-out of the DiaTech diagnostic system. The launch for investors is scheduled for 15th November 2015 when redeemable preference shares in the UK based special purpose company Diatech Oncology Limited will go on sale. Prospective investors must demonstrate suitability in advance by requesting and completing approval forms from Keyholder Funding […]

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Vaccicure Launch

Posted Jul 6, 2015

7th July 2015 marks the launch of the Vaccicure investment opportunity. Vaccicure Limited, the company set up to fund the clinical trials of the Polyclonal Antibody Stimulator (PAS) developed by Cancer Advances (Cato Research), has now produced the final Information Memorandum that will be made available to qualifying investors from 7th July. Funding is through the purchase of Redeemable Preference Shares. The opportunity is only available to high net worth investors, sophisticated investors and investment professionals. For more information about […]

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Brabners work through Vaccicure information verification

Posted Jun 30, 2015

Members of the Corporate Legal Department of Brabners, the Liverpool based Law Firm, together with the Bogart Dellafield Ferrier Team from Morristown New Jersey , worked through the weekend this week to complete the verification process in time for the launch of the new Vaccicure Limited Information Memorandum. It is hoped that the new IM will be available to qualifying individuals and their advisors for the beginning of next week.

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Keyholder Moves To The Royal Liver Building

Posted May 18, 2015

Keyholder Funding has moved to new offices in the world famous Royal Liver Building at Liverpool’s Pier Head. The Royal Liver Building, as one of the ‘Three Graces’ has become the most recognisable landmarks of the city and indeed the whole of the United Kingdom. The Pier Head with its Three Graces is said to be the inspiration for other world famous waterfronts such as Manhattan and Shanghai. The Royal Liver Building’s two towers are each topped by a Liver […]

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